Bee venom collector Apitherapy
  • Bee venom collector Apitherapy
  • Bee venom collector Apitherapy
  • Bee venom collector Apitherapy
  • Bee venom collector Apitherapy
  • Bee venom collector Apitherapy

Bee venom collector


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This venom collector is a very simple option to extract bee venom from hives since it does not require batteries or external power. It works with two AA batteries and has a range of 5 months at full capacity. It is made in Europe and has a 2-year warranty.

Furthermore, it incorporates a microprocessor that monitors and adjusts the pulses, based on humidity, the number of bees, how long the device has been running, the general condition of the collector, and the battery level. The microprocessor is installed at the bottom.

It has an automatic shutdown. The device automatically turns off after 45 minutes.

On one side of the device you will notice 2 multicolored LED indicators, which provide you various information such as the remaining time, the battery level and whether the device is working properly.


It is placed in front of the hive (it is possible that in some hives the entrance must be adapted) and produces small discharges that excite the bees and make them sting on the glass, thus spilling the poison on the glass plates that is later extracted with a scraper spatula once removed the apparatus from the apiary.

Bee venom should not be more than necessary in sunlight. The sooner the entire operation is done, the better.

Best results are obtained by running it for approximately 45 minutes per hive, and then this hive has to "rest" for approximately 1–2 hours. During this time, you can use the collector on another hive.

At the end of each business day, the collector wires should be cleaned. It can be done with alcohol wipes or a damp eyeglass cloth.

We recommend placing them in apiaries that are away from areas where there is movement of people nearby, since when placing these devices, the bees become aggressive and could cause problems around them.


In 45 minutes, 0.03 grams to 0.09 grams of poison can be removed. The amount of bee venom will depend on the health and strength of the hive. Also, the outside temperature and the season. Sometimes, though rarely, it is necessary to hit the hive to get more bees out.


It includes:

Bee venom collector
Glass plate
Plastic gloves
Metal support to hold the device
Bee venom scraper
Bee venom container

Collector dimensions 250 х 158 х 38 mm

Dimensions of the glass plate 201 х 140 х 4 mm

Weight 900g


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