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Set Inseminación Schley® Insemination instruments

Set Inseminación Schley®

Set Inseminación Schley® Price €2, 750.00
Schley® Insemination instrument 1.02 Insemination instruments

Schley® Insemination instrument 1.02

Regulador de presión para CO2 Insemination instruments

Regulador de presión para CO2

Cleaning and measuring-wire Insemination instruments

Cleaning and measuring-wire

Glass tips 5 Insemination instruments

Glass tips 5

Glass tips 5 Price €32. 90

Instrumental insemination, also known as artificial insemination, consists of introducing semen from drones into virgin queens through microscopically managed equipment such as those offered in our catalog. What is sought is to follow a genetic line within the desired characteristics: basic breed standard, productivity, self-hygiene, disease resistance, low swarming, and so on. It also serves to maintain pure strains of bees, hybridization between myeliferous breeds, hybridization between myeliferous and nonmyeliferous species.

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