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Apifonda 12,5kg (2,5kg bags) BEE FEED

Apifonda 12,5kg (2,5kg bags)

BeeFonda Extra 11 vitamins 20kg Stimulation

BeeFonda Extra 11 vitamins 20kg

Candy Energetic 2kg (Box 12kg) Maintenance feed

Candy Energetic 2kg (Box 12kg)

Ambrosia® 12,5kg box Maintenance feed

Ambrosia® 12,5kg box

Ambrosia® 12,5kg box Price €24. 75
Beecomplet® winter 14Kg BEE FEED

Beecomplet® winter 14Kg

Beecomplet® winter 14Kg Price €26. 95
Apipasta 15kg BEE FEED

Apipasta 15kg

Apipasta 15kg Price €27. 50
Apipasta® 15kg BEE FEED

Apipasta® 15kg

Apipasta® 15kg Price €26. 50
BeeFonda with thymol 20kg Maintenance feed

BeeFonda with thymol 20kg

BeeFonda with thymol 20kg Price €27. 20
Apipasta BIO Maintenance feed

Apipasta BIO

Apipasta BIO Price €42. 95
Individual bag Apipasta 1kg BEE FEED

Individual bag Apipasta 1kg

Apipasta vitamins 1kg bag Maintenance feed

Apipasta vitamins 1kg bag

Apipasta vitamins 1kg bag Price €1. 95
Apipasta with vitamins - Pallet 900kg Maintenance feed

Apipasta with vitamins - Pallet 900kg

  • Pack
Ambrosia bag 2,5 kg BEE FEED

Ambrosia bag 2,5 kg

Ambrosia bag 2,5 kg Price €4. 99
Pallet of Ambrosia® 800kg Maintenance feed

Pallet of Ambrosia® 800kg

Pallet of Ambrosia® 800kg Price €1, 495.00
  • Pack
Pallet Beefonda Extra 960kg Maintenance feed

Pallet Beefonda Extra 960kg

Pallet Beefonda Extra 960kg Price €1, 531.20
  • Pack
Ultra Bee® TOTE Bag 1500lb Protein pollen subs

Ultra Bee® TOTE Bag 1500lb

Ultra Bee® TOTE Bag 1500lb Price €3, 895.00
Fondant Hive Alive 15kg Bee colony health

Fondant Hive Alive 15kg

Fondant Hive Alive 15kg Price €44. 00
Beefonda with Nozevit Maintenance feed

Beefonda with Nozevit

Beefonda with Nozevit Price €36. 00
Damelbee vitamins and amino acids 12kg Maintenance feed

Damelbee vitamins and amino acids 12kg

Damelbee candi 12kg Maintenance feed

Damelbee candi 12kg

Damelbee candi 12kg Price €21. 50

The maintenance feed in the hives is supplied before the cold arrival, i.e. between September and November, so it is also called winter provisions. The ideal is to leave them with honey supplies (at least four squares, adjacent to the bunches of bees) but if the castrate has been excessive, the artificial feeding will replace the squares of honey that have been extracted pretending that the hive has supplies. Do not supply more diluted food such as syrup, as this would increase the humidity inside the beehive too much. The maintenance feed for bees should be used in doses of about 1.5kg/beehive per month, placed in a heated area that can be visited by bees and in beehives with a minimum population.

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