Fondant Hive Alive 15kg Bee colony health
  • Fondant Hive Alive 15kg Bee colony health
  • Fondant Hive Alive 15kg Bee colony health
  • Fondant Hive Alive 15kg Bee colony health
  • Fondant Hive Alive 15kg Bee colony health
  • Fondant Hive Alive 15kg Bee colony health
  • Fondant Hive Alive 15kg Bee colony health

Fondant Hive Alive 15kg


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FONDANT HIVEALIVE (FHA) has just arrived on the market, and it is a new option for using the already known HiveAlive in syrup. FONDANT HIVEALIVE is a mixture of sugars, vitamins, amino acids with their corresponding dose of HiveAlive.

The manufacture of FHA is done without processes that increase HMF, with raw ingredients of European origin, without GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and with a very fine granulation ideal for our bees to accept it well.


The administration of a single FHA patty in autumn and another in spring guarantees an improvement in the digestive health of the bees, enough to resist diseases such as Nosema, Chalkbrood, etc …….

FHA facilitates the administration of the active principles since it does not require preparing syrups, nor the use of  feeders, etc. FHA is ready to use. FHA is ideal for beekeepers who do not have the means to nourish their hives or who do not want to invest time in the preparation of sugar syrup, ..., etc.


Fondant is put on top of the colony, either under or over the brood box, so no feeders are needed. It can be used as an autumn feed but is mainly used to top up over winter, when it is too cold to feed syrup, or in late winter when bees are running out of stores. Because it is placed directly over the cluster, the bees do not have to leave the cluster to access food, minimizing the chance of starvation. Fondant is easy to handle and store and doesn’t cause robbing like syrup can.


HiveAlive and Fondant HiveAlive are nutritional supplements with a composition of vegetable and marine extracts, so it is not considered a medicine and of course it does not leave any type of residue in the honey. Although it is not considered a product for use in organic beekeeping, there are regulatory councils for organic farming that admit its use under a veterinary report.


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