Honey analysis

In this section, you will find all the necessary machinery for the analysis of honey. Always with the purpose of maintaining its excellent qualities and characteristics to ensure that it reaches the final consumer in the best conditions and with the organoleptic characteristics required by honey. Factors such as honey density (between 1,4 and 1,435), water content, viscosity, coloration, HMF... are very important in determining the quality of a honey.

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Honey refractometer Honey analysis

Honey refractometer

Honey refractometer Price €55. 00
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Honey Digital Refractometer Honey analysis

Honey Digital Refractometer

Honey Digital Refractometer Price €255. 00
Honey Conductivity tester Honey analysis

Honey Conductivity tester

Honey Conductivity tester Price €75. 00
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Honey instruments Carrying Case Honey analysis

Honey instruments Carrying Case

Honey Color Portable Photometer Honey analysis

Honey Color Portable Photometer

Mini centrifuge for Melissopalynology Honey analysis

Mini centrifuge for Melissopalynology

Refractometer ATAGO Master-Honey/Bx Honey analysis

Refractometer ATAGO Master-Honey/Bx

Refractómetro ATAGO Classic HHR-2N Honey analysis

Refractómetro ATAGO Classic HHR-2N

Thermologger HI148-3 Honey analysis

Thermologger HI148-3

Thermologger HI148-3 Price €99. 95
Kitchen Scale 5kg for beekeepers Honey analysis

Kitchen Scale 5kg for beekeepers

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