In this section you will find honey in its different presentations. Soon we will incorporate selected honeys of different blooms of national origin 100% and only in their raw form, without pasteurization or unnecessary heating.

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Raw Rosemary Honey 900g Honey

Raw Rosemary Honey 900g

Raw Rosemary Honey 900g Price €9. 80
Raw Orange Blossom Honey 900g Honey

Raw Orange Blossom Honey 900g

Avocado Honey 900g Honey

Avocado Honey 900g

Avocado Honey 900g Price €9. 50
Heather Honey 900g Honey

Heather Honey 900g

Heather Honey 900g Price €9. 90
Raw Lavender Honey 900g Honey

Raw Lavender Honey 900g

Raw Lavender Honey 900g Price €9. 70
Eucalyptus Honey 900g Honey

Eucalyptus Honey 900g

Eucalyptus Honey 900g Price €9. 60
Thyme Honey 900g Honey

Thyme Honey 900g

Thyme Honey 900g Price €9. 70
Polyfloral Raw Honey 900g Honey

Polyfloral Raw Honey 900g

Polyfloral Raw Honey 900g Price €8. 90
Rosemary Honey 20kg Honey

Rosemary Honey 20kg

Rosemary Honey 20kg Price €157. 00
Honey lollipop Honey

Honey lollipop

Honey lollipop Price €0. 30
Acorn honey comb 250g Honey

Acorn honey comb 250g

Acorn honey comb 250g Price €5. 00