Pollen traps

Discover the best pollen traps you can add to the hive. The collection of pollen is done from outside the hive, by the fact that once inside the hive, the bees press it and its extraction is not unfeasible. For this we need a trap cazapolen. The pollen grains fall through a mesh into a box, the contents of which are frequently removed by the beekeeper during flowering. Subsequently, the pollen requires a drying process and, if necessary, cleaning, prior to sale.

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Plastic pollen trap Pollen traps

Plastic pollen trap

Plastic pollen trap Price €12. 10
Wooden Pollen Trap Pollen traps

Wooden Pollen Trap

Wooden Pollen Trap Price €19. 95
Pollen grid Pollen traps

Pollen grid

Pollen grid Price €1. 55
Harvesting bee pollen box BEE POLLEN

Harvesting bee pollen box

Harvesting bee pollen box Price €5. 90
Pollen collector for anel bottom Pollen traps

Pollen collector for anel bottom

Plastic pollen drawer NICOT® Pollen traps

Plastic pollen drawer NICOT®

Rejilla cazapolen NICOT Pollen traps

Rejilla cazapolen NICOT

Rejilla cazapolen NICOT Price €1. 99