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For thousands of years, beekeepers have used smoke to calm bees during hive inspection sand at other times when the bees might be disturbed. A modern smoker consist of a firebox and bellow and comes in various sizes and patterns. When buying a smoker, remember that a large one does not have to be refilled with a fuel as often as a small type. A distinct advantage if you have many colonies to inspect. However the larger bellows can be awkward to use if you have small hands.

The firebox is cylindrical with a grid inside to support the fuel and to allow air to flow underneath and through the cylinder. The hinged lid opens to allow you to charge and light the smoker. With the lid closed, smoke emerges through the nozzle and can be directed as required.

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Bee Smoker low cost Smokers

Bee Smoker low cost

Bee Smoker low cost Price €13. 55
Stainless steel Smoker ECO Smokers

Stainless steel Smoker ECO

Stainless steel Smoker ECO Regular price €26.95 Price €23. 95
  • On sale!
Stainless steel Bee Smoker Smokers

Stainless steel Bee Smoker

Stainless steel Bee Smoker Price €35. 75
APIBOX® Box for smoker Smokers

APIBOX® Box for smoker

APIBOX® Box for smoker Price €0. 00
Bee smoker standard Smokers

Bee smoker standard

Bee smoker standard Price €19. 25
Bee Smoker XXL Big size

Bee Smoker XXL Big size

Bee Smoker XXL Big size Price €43. 95
Bee Smoker Storage Box "High" Smokers

Bee Smoker Storage Box "High"

Bee smoker galvanized Smokers

Bee smoker galvanized

Bee smoker galvanized Price €24. 95
Smoker "No-Fire" with resistance Anel® Smokers

Smoker "No-Fire" with resistance Anel®

Apisolis® Electronic vaporizer Smokers

Apisolis® Electronic vaporizer

Dadant® smoker standard Smokers

Dadant® smoker standard

Dadant® smoker standard Price €59. 95
Electric Smoker Smokers

Electric Smoker

Electric Smoker Regular price €45.00 Price €39. 00
  • Reduced price
Smoker fuel Apidou Lavender Smokers

Smoker fuel Apidou Lavender

Dadant® smoker Jumbo Smokers

Dadant® smoker Jumbo

Dadant® smoker Jumbo Price €62. 00
APIBOX Smoker box Smokers

APIBOX Smoker box

APIBOX Smoker box Price €39. 99
APIBOX Complet medium size Smokers

APIBOX Complet medium size

APIBOX Complet medium size Price €37. 50
Smoker bellows replacement Smokers

Smoker bellows replacement

Smoker bellows replacement Price €14. 75
Mini Smoker Smokers

Mini Smoker

Mini Smoker Price €29. 95
Apifuge spray 500ml Smokers

Apifuge spray 500ml

Apifuge spray 500ml Price €16. 25

The beekeeper's smoker is one of the essential tools for the beekeeper when handling a beehive. Discover the largest range of beekeeping smokers on the market at awesome prices.

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