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Beekeeping boots 990 CLOTHING

Beekeeping boots 990

Beekeeping boots 990 Regular price €30.00 Price €24. 00
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Beekeeper boots PRO CLOTHING

Beekeeper boots PRO

Beekeeper boots PRO Price €43. 95
Beekeeper's Gaiters CLOTHING

Beekeeper's Gaiters

Beekeeper's Gaiters Price €6. 90
Beekeeper's boots Ayora Meridiano® Beekeeper Boots

Beekeeper's boots Ayora Meridiano®

Discover our wide range of beekeeper boots, specifically designed to protect your feet and ankles while working in the apiary. Our boots provide safety, durability, and comfort, ensuring a secure and enjoyable beekeeping experience. Made from high-quality, resistant materials, our beekeeper boots are ideal for tackling any situation in hive care.

Explore our selection of boots and find the perfect pair for your beekeeping needs.

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