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Many beekeepers, particularly beginners, like to wear gloves when they are inspecting a colony. Some experienced beekeepers prefer not to, especially if their bees are docile, as they feel it gives them a better idea of how the bees are reacting. However, even these beekeepers will keep some gloves handy in case the bees begin to sting.

Gloves should be lightweight and flexible as you will need to be able to lift out and replace frames smoothly to avoid disturbing the bees more than necessary. Some types available from equipment suppliers have gauntlets attached to protect your forearms. An alternative is to use rubber dishwashing gloves, which don't provide as much protection but can be thrown away and replaced when they become sticky propolis.

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Leather Gloves CLOTHING

Leather Gloves

Leather Gloves Regular price €8.60 Price €7. 90
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Cowhide leather gloves Beekeeper Gloves

Cowhide leather gloves

Cowhide leather gloves Price €14. 95
Nitrile gloves with long cuff CLOTHING

Nitrile gloves with long cuff

Blue Latex Gloves CLOTHING

Blue Latex Gloves

Blue Latex Gloves Price €9. 50
Yellow nitrile gloves Beekeeper Gloves

Yellow nitrile gloves

Yellow nitrile gloves Price €9. 95
Flocked green nitrile gloves Beekeeper Gloves

Flocked green nitrile gloves

Cotton inner gloves 12 pairs Beekeeper Gloves

Cotton inner gloves 12 pairs

PVC chemical resistant gloves Beekeeper Gloves

PVC chemical resistant gloves

Beekeeper children gloves Beekeeper Gloves

Beekeeper children gloves

Beekeeper children gloves Price €8. 95
Skay Gloves Beekeeper Gloves

Skay Gloves

Skay Gloves Price €6. 75

Great variety of beekeeper's gloves, one of the main protection accessories against bee stings. All materials: beekeeper nitrile gloves, leather gloves, etc...

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