Get to know our wide range of bee food. External feeding with preparations is nowadays a very common practice in beekeeping, especially if we want to strengthen the beehives. As good beekeepers, we must be able to identify what lacks our hive has, in order to make a decision on the feeding of the bees. If there is a lack of pollen, we will opt for protein supplements. If there is a deficit of honey, we should feed with sugar patties. Always liquid if we seek to stimulate, and solid (hard sugar patties) for maintenance.

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Feeding your bees after you have installed them into your hive is a necessity. Whether you are working with a package or a NUC, feeding will be critical as the bees begin working the frames in order to store any surplus food. Feeders are also critical when the nectar flows are low or non-existing. It is always in the best interest for the bees to have a feeder on the hive until you add on your first honey super. Remove feeders when you add on honey supers. If there are extended periods of rain or extreme drought, the bees will need that feed! It also offers a great opportunity to supply your bees with needed nutrients. There are many different ways of feeding your bees and many different feeders that will do the task.

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Beecomplet® Spring 12Kg BEE FEED

Beecomplet® Spring 12Kg

Beecomplet® Spring 12Kg Price €17. 95
BeeFonda Extra 11 vitamins 20kg Stimulation

BeeFonda Extra 11 vitamins 20kg

BeeFonda Extra 11 vitamins 20kg Regular price €24.00 Price €22. 00
  • Reduced price
Ambrosia® 12,5kg box Maintenance feed

Ambrosia® 12,5kg box

Ambrosia® 12,5kg box Regular price €17.00 Price €15. 95
  • Reduced price
Ultra Bee® Dry 50lb Protein pollen subs

Ultra Bee® Dry 50lb

Ultra Bee® Dry 50lb Regular price €115.90 Price €109. 90
  • Reduced price
Ultra Bee® Patties 1lb Protein pollen subs

Ultra Bee® Patties 1lb

Ultra Bee® Patties 1lb Regular price €3.25 Price €2. 85
  • Reduced price
Apipasta 15kg BEE FEED

Apipasta 15kg

Apipasta 15kg Price €17. 50
Apipasta plus proteins 14kg (1kg) Protein pollen subs

Apipasta plus proteins 14kg (1kg)

Apipasta® 15kg BEE FEED

Apipasta® 15kg

Apipasta® 15kg Price €16. 50
Apipasta plus proteins 14kg (0,5kg bags) Protein pollen subs

Apipasta plus proteins 14kg (0,5kg bags)

Apimix 15kg Stimulation

Apimix 15kg

Apimix 15kg Price €16. 50
Beecomplet® autumn 12Kg BEE FEED

Beecomplet® autumn 12Kg

Beecomplet® autumn 12Kg Price €17. 95
Ambrosia bag 2,5 kg BEE FEED

Ambrosia bag 2,5 kg

Ambrosia bag 2,5 kg Price €3. 50
Beecomplet® winter 12Kg BEE FEED

Beecomplet® winter 12Kg

Beecomplet® winter 12Kg Price €17. 95
Beecomplet® individual bag 1kg BEE FEED

Beecomplet® individual bag 1kg

Promotor L 1 liter BEE FEED

Promotor L 1 liter

Promotor L 1 liter Price €12. 85
Brewer's yeast 5kg BEE FEED

Brewer's yeast 5kg

Brewer's yeast 5kg Price €18. 75
Apimida 500cc BEE FEED

Apimida 500cc

Apimida 500cc Price €2. 90
Apivitamol Forte BEE FEED

Apivitamol Forte

Apivitamol Forte Price €12. 85
Apimida concentrated BEE FEED

Apimida concentrated

Apimida concentrated Price €14. 15
Soy flour BEE FEED

Soy flour

Soy flour Price €18. 95