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Baffle Clarifier MQ 1,5m Honey Gravity Clarifiers

Baffle Clarifier MQ 1,5m

Baffle Clarifier MQ 1,5m Price €1, 249.00
Honey sump tank LEGA Honey Gravity Clarifiers

Honey sump tank LEGA

Honey sump tank LEGA Price €1, 853.00
Honey Sump 1m Honey Gravity Clarifiers

Honey Sump 1m

Honey Sump 1m Price €999. 95
Strainer honey tank 25kg coarse/fine mesh Honey tanks

Strainer honey tank 25kg coarse/fine mesh

Deep Round Filter Honey Tank 35kg Honey Gravity Clarifiers

Deep Round Filter Honey Tank 35kg

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It is positioned at the outlet of the extractor. It is the central point of the extraction station and other machines, which contain honey, such as the decaperculating machine, the bench or the centrifuge. The apparatus allows to pre-filter the honey at the moment of extraction, the honey pass through two floating sieves that allow the removal of the majority of ipurezas. The decanting bench accelerates the process of separating impurities from the honey. The heat released at the bottom of the tank allows a rapid rise in the micron impurities retained in the baffles. Our benches are used with a thermostat to prevent overheating. Once fliltered the honey passes to an aspiration bench, when the level of the bench is full, the pump starts and empties the bench because the honey is decanted.

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