Smoker "No-Fire" with resistance Anel® Smokers
  • Smoker "No-Fire" with resistance Anel® Smokers
  • Smoker "No-Fire" with resistance Anel® Smokers
  • Smoker "No-Fire" with resistance Anel® Smokers
  • Smoker "No-Fire" with resistance Anel® Smokers
  • Smoker "No-Fire" with resistance Anel® Smokers

Smoker "No-Fire" with resistance Anel®


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This electric smoker is an excellent device developed with the aim of producing smoke without combustion inside the body of the smoker (use without flame). Designed to help beekeepers, especially in Southern Europe, where fires in our forests during the summer are more and more numerous. In some areas, beekeepers are even prohibited from using the conventional smoker if an area is considered a high fire risk due to high summer temperatures and high winds.

It works with a resistance powered by a battery, and with two types of special fuels that do not produce fire when used with the ANEL® smoker and the corresponding battery. In this way, beekeepers can safely use the smoker in summer because there is no flame inside the smoker and the steam/smoke produced is cold. Also, cold smoke is much better for the bees because sometimes with the conventional smoker we end up producing high-temperature smoke and even flames and accidentally burn some of our bees.

We have extensively tested both fuels and can confidently say that they have the same effect on bees as conventional materials. The bees calm down and leave the top of the frames and leave the beekeeper to work in peace.

This product includes:

- 1 Electric smoker
- 1 220V charger
- 1 car charger
- 1 Battery (to choose between 3.7V and 7.4V)

Smoker Dimensions: 33.5 x 15 x 29 cm


- 3.7V and 6000 mAh battery → For use with Cool Smoke® fuel.

- 7.4V 6000 mAh battery → For use with Vapor Pads® fuel.

The battery lasts approximately between an hour and an hour and a half, depending on its use.


There are two types of fuels: Cool Smoke® and Vapor Pads®. Both materials are fire retardant. This is how we get cold smoke and also without generating flames and avoiding the risk of fire.

Cool Smoke® & 3.7V Battery. Cool Smoke® pellets are made from wood and essential oils that produce smoke that smells like burned wood and also like pine or lavender. Cool Smoke® pellets need about 5 minutes before the coil heats up and starts producing the desired smoke. For Cool Smoke® pellets, you must use the 3.7V battery.

Vapor Pads® & 7.4V Battery. Vapor Pads® are made of rock wool induced with essential oils, and generate a thicker smoke. Vapor Pads® will begin to produce smoke faster. For the Vapor Pads® you must use the 7.4V battery.


It is important to note that the ANEL® smoker can be used with any other traditional fuel inside, either with a 7.4V battery or a 3.4V battery (the larger the battery, the faster they will light up). Just keep in mind that in this case, when using traditional materials, flames of fire could be produced, exactly as they would with traditional smokers, with the consequent risk of fire.

The higher the voltage, the earlier the combustion will start. Approximate times for use with dry pine needles/leaves are 20 to 60 seconds with the 3.7V battery, and around 10 to 30 seconds with the 7.4V battery.


Cool Smoke® Fuel for Smoker 3.7V Anel Smokers

Cool Smoke® Fuel for Smoker 3.7V Anel

Vapor Pads® Fuel for Smoker 7.4V Anel Smokers

Vapor Pads® Fuel for Smoker 7.4V Anel

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