Double steam wax melter injected from boiler Bee Wax melters
  • Double steam wax melter injected from boiler Bee Wax melters
  • Double steam wax melter injected from boiler Bee Wax melters

Double steam wax melter injected from boiler


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The double boilers are entirely made of AISI 304 stainless steel in 1.5mm thick sheet metal. They have a length of 1.40m by a width of 85cm and a height of 1m. It has adjustable feet on its 4 legs in each compartment, loads 24 frames and also has a press on each one.

In addition, it is universal with 2 individual covers, it is served with a decanter at the outlet, a boiler to inject the steam with its level and its pipes, the loading shovel, the toclet glass and its burner, all included.

The boiler takes an hour to heat up and once it is hot, it has a performance of 25 frames every 12-15 minutes.


1. Fill the boiler with water up to a maximum of 5 or 6 cm from the top cover, through the tube that contains the gauge - level, removing it and viewing the water level through the tube, leaving the tap open.

2. Light the burner and look for a powerful flame by adjusting with the regulator and the metallic air passage jacket located on the burner neck (propane is recommended) once the desired flame has been achieved, always with the tap open and the rubber connected to the boiler, with the inlet taps to the boiler open, wait 1 hour for the steam to come out properly (duration of the boiler without recharging about 4 hours of work) if you need to be melting for longer, recharge water progressively. If it is with hot water, better.

3. Fill the compartments with the squares and cover.

4. Connect the outlet decanter to its steam outlet, place it so that it collects the wax output well and level the decanter using the adjustable foot (always keep the steam inlet slightly open so that it does not get cold, and it does its job well).

5. Once the steam has come out strongly, close one of the compartments and melt the other until it is observed that hardly any wax falls out of its outlet, and then gradually open the passage to the other compartment until the other is closed. Then uncover, remove the melted squares, put the old combs in the press with the supplied shovel and every 2 or 3 shovels insert a layer of perforated sheet metal (supplied) until fully loaded (this procedure may require 2 or 3 batches). Load again and so on.

6. Once the press is fully loaded, close the compartment and when it is quite hot, activate it using the cup with adapter supplied, it can be with an electric drill, but what works best is with a pneumatic gun (of which are used to tighten car wheels) operate in small intervals through the peephole located on the lid, until the old combs is squeezed (keep in mind that it is not an industrial press, so the tightening must be moderate ).

7. Once the day's work is finished, taking advantage of the fact that it is still hot, proceed to clean it so that the next day everything flows correctly.

8. It is important to always handle with the necessary security measures, such as gloves and work clothes, according to the temperature with which you are working

9. Always keep the faucet open where the water level is located, check that the gas passage is closed once the work is finished.

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