Beeswax melter 12L SAF® Bee Wax melters
  • Beeswax melter 12L SAF® Bee Wax melters
  • Beeswax melter 12L SAF® Bee Wax melters

Beeswax melter 12L SAF®


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It has a gate for the exit of the melted wax. The estimated time to reach the melting temperature is approximately 25 min. Ideal for melting and maintaining wax temperature to prepare foundation sheet, beeswax candles, etc.

Resistance 1800 Watt, 220 Volts.
Adjustable thermostat from 0 °C to 110 °C.
External dimensions of diameter 325 mm and a height of 400;
Internal dimensions 240 mm and height 290.

User manual:
- Install the melter in a ventilated place and whenever it is in use under the supervision of a qualified operator.
- Before starting, mount the resistance and pour the water up to the level of the inverted elbow
- Pour the wax blocks into the internal tank of the melter.
- Connect the plug, press the button and adjust the resistance thermostat to about 75-100 °C to melt the beeswax.
- Control the temperature of the wax with an external thermometer as a check in addition to the one that carries the resistance.
- Once the wax is melted, set the thermostat between 60 and 75 °C to keep the wax liquid and leave it for about 20-30 minutes so that it settles by its own weight, the impurities of the wax will remain in the lower part and the clean wax in the upper part, open the upper gate to remove the clean wax as required.
- For total emptying of impurities, empty the tank using the overturning method.
- Fill with water when we see that the water level drops.
- To empty or fill water, you can pour through the elbow or remove the resistance and then complete it through the elbow.

Safety tips:
-Do not start the electrical resistance without the tank having the appropriate level of water.
-Always leave water in the tank with the correct level during operation.
-Never close the water level elbow hermetically or with a plug.

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