• Reflective insulating Inner cover Polynum® Beehive Accessories
  • Reflective insulating Inner cover Polynum® Beehive Accessories
  • Reflective insulating Inner cover Polynum® Beehive Accessories

Reflective insulating Inner cover Polynum®


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It is a mattress of "air bubbles" coated with aluminum on both sides that does its job as a thermal insulator inside the hive. To achieve this, it is placed on top of the frames, the feeder or attached to the hive roof.

Size: 500x430mm


This insulating frame cover is a solution to make the hive more energy efficient for the bees in both summer and winter. This insulating Inner cover is essential for hives equipped with sheet metal roofs or for apiaries located in regions with extreme climates (hot summer and cold winter).

Thanks to this frame cover, the hive is less cold in winter, so there are fewer losses of bees, while in summer, it saves the bees' energy by preventing them from having to ventilate excessively. The results are quickly visible: the hive environment is more comfortable, the bees consume less food in winter and feel less heat in summer.

Unlike fabrics or newspapers that are sometimes used to insulate the hive and that lose their effectiveness by absorbing water, this insulating box cover is a highly recommended solution for high-performance and low price.


The bee propolises well with the material and does not break when removed, it has a certain elasticity, which facilitates its removal. It also does not cause condensation problems.

It is reflective, lined with aluminum on both sides and bubbles in the middle, and with an anti-corrosion treatment to prevent bees from gnawing it. These are important details, since there are other similar (cheaper) models that are lined on one side or without the protective treatment and have the drawback that bees gnaw them.


As we have mentioned before, it is placed on top of frames, the feeder or attached to the hive roof.

If it is glued directly to the lid, it is recommended to leave a small air space. Because metal-to-metal contact causes conduction, and then the material wouldn't work as well as it should, especially in the summer because radiant heat is cut off when there's an air gap. Leaving this air chamber would improve the performance of the material by 40% more insulation.

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