• Sublimator OXALIKA PRO Easy Cleansers and Maintenance Accesories
  • Sublimator OXALIKA PRO Easy Cleansers and Maintenance Accesories
  • Sublimator OXALIKA PRO Easy Cleansers and Maintenance Accesories
  • Sublimator OXALIKA PRO Easy Cleansers and Maintenance Accesories
  • Sublimator OXALIKA PRO Easy Cleansers and Maintenance Accesories
  • Sublimator OXALIKA PRO Easy Cleansers and Maintenance Accesories

Sublimator OXALIKA PRO Easy


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High power 360 Watts (this prevents the device from cooling due to repeated treatments, forcing the operator to wait for the device to reassume the optimal temperature)

Anticorodal aluminum boiler (guarantees a more uniform temperature distribution without the formation of “hot spots” and “cold points”. In this way a lower sublimation time is obtained (10 seconds for 1 gram of oxalic acid, 25 seconds per 2 grams of oxalic acid).

Insulated boiler (makes the device insensitive to low ambient temperatures and the presence of wind and contributes to battery saving) Interchangeable diffuser tube for treatment from the cable cover or from the opening of flight also with hives with the little door, plastic and polystyrene hives (with appropriate adapter).

The diffuser tube is straight making obstruction more difficult and, in any case, its possible unclogging easier. Very robust and reliable construction.


Which are the difference between PRO FAST and PRO EASY version? The FAST version has the semi-automatic doser that help to save time. On the other hand it function only with high purity oxalic acid (about 99,8 %) and not humid. Using the Fast version need a little practice and it is better do it before use the vaporizer in the beehives. The EASY version is very "easy to use" and function even if the Oxalic acid have impurity or excipients. The beekeeper have to know which kind of oxalic acid is permitted in his country.

Why is there no display to monitor the temperature value? - Because adding delicate components would have the disadvantage of reducing reliability. In Oxalika PRO vaporizers, the temperature is preset at the factory and maintained with precision in the range between 215 and 230 ° C by a robust, highly reliable and precise device. Thanks to this control system we can offer a 3 year warranty . - When you use the vaporizer you do not notice the temperature variations (which can vary from 215 to 230 ° C) and you can continue to make treatments without having to wait between the end of a sublimation and the start of the next.

What is the lower and upper temperature threshold of the thermostat? The boiler reach temperture from 215 and 230 °C. When you use it you almost don't notice this variation and can continuing dosing without do attention to what happen to the temperature.

How long does it take to reach operating temperature? About 8 - 10 minutes.

Which size of battery do you recommend for OXALIKA PRO models and how many hives can be treated with it? We recommend a car battery of at least 70 AH. You will have an autonomy of at least 1 hour. If possible, it is recommended to connect the vaporizer to the car battery for initial heating (8-10 minutes) with the engine running. Then switch to the other battery only when the vaporizer is hot. If you have hives close together and you can go directly from one to the other, with this method you can do at least 80-100 treatments. Obviously there are batteries of different quality and efficiency. To keep the battery efficient, the first rule is to make sure that it is always charged, even when not in use. To prevent it from losing efficiency the voltage must always be up to 12.4 volt. The second rule is to prevent complete discharge, the voltage must never go below 11.5 volts.


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