Sublimator Oxalika Premium Cleansers and Maintenance Accesories
  • Sublimator Oxalika Premium Cleansers and Maintenance Accesories
  • Sublimator Oxalika Premium Cleansers and Maintenance Accesories
  • Sublimator Oxalika Premium Cleansers and Maintenance Accesories

Sublimator Oxalika Premium


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Thanks to temperature control:

– a better evaporation of the oxalic acid is obtained at the lowest possible temperature without running the risk that, by dissociating at higher temperatures, it loses its effectiveness.

– you save time because it is not necessary to switch off and cool the vaporizer between one treatment and the next Treatment duration 1:30 minutes with hive

– the battery lasts longer

– can work for thousands of treatment cycles.


– the vaporizer stops working before having completely discharged (and therefore before having ruined) the battery.

– The electrical circuit is isolated from the metal parts and therefore, unlike other sublimators, there is no risk of a short circuit if several vaporizers fed with the same battery come into contact with each other. Power supply characteristics: 12 Volt

– 130 Watt (Battery not included). The oxalic acid is placed in the cup which will be inserted in the flight opening. As the cup warms up, the oxalic acid evaporates. Thus a mist forms in the hive that covers bees and all surfaces with a thin layer of crystals of oxalic acid. These small crystals are well tolerated by bees but have a lethal action on varroa. The cup is connected to a solid handle from which the 3-meter cable starts with terminals for electrical connection. This vaporizer complies with European Directives, and therefore has a CE mark, and complies with the Rohs Directive on the restriction of the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.



Why the temperature control is important?

Because it saves you time and the battery allows you to do multiple treatments. In fact, with the temperature control, it is not necessary to cool the cup between one treatment and the next and you will not have to waste energy to heat the cup again up to the sublimation temperature.

Does the Oxalika Premium vaporizer need to be cooled between treatments?

It is not necessary. It has a particular device that maintains the temperature at the best value for the vaporization (from 190 to 200 ° C) and therefore it is possible to add the acid directly without having to cool it.

Which size of battery do you recommend for OXALIKA Premium models and how many hives can be treated with it?

With a car battery of 45 AH you will have an autonomy of at least 2 hours and you can do at least 80-100 treatments of 2 grams of oxalic acid each or 160-200 trattamenti of 1 gram of oxalic each. Obviously there are batteries of different quality and efficiency. To keep the battery efficient, the first rule is to make sure that it is always charged, even when not in use. To prevent it from losing efficiency the voltage must always be up to 12.4 volt. The second rule is to prevent complete discharge, the voltage must never go below 11.5 volts.

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