Daprobee proteins 12kg (400g x 30) Protein pollen subs

Daprobee proteins 12kg (400g x 30)


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What is Daprobe?

Bee feed designed and formulated exclusively to meet the sugar and protein needs of the hive, accompanied by vitamins and amino acids to make it more complete. It is oriented for the development of brood. The protein, vitamins and amino acids will serve as a complement for larval development.

What is Daprobee made of?

Daprobee is a protein paste formulated specifically for bees with the aim of providing them with all the essential nutrients: sugars, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. Contains all the essential amino acids for the hive.

The proteins (5-6%) with which Daprobee is formulated are micronized proteins, that is, they have a minimal particle size, below 10 microns, which facilitates their absorption by bees.

It contains around 5% protein and all the essential amino acids for bees according to the needs described by De Groot.

In addition, it provides fat, B group vitamins, vitamin C, minerals and easily assimilated sugars, ensuring the availability of nutrients at critical times.

When is it convenient to give Daprobee?

Its use is especially indicated in times of lack of pollen or when the hive collects pollen that are poor in some amino acid (e.g. sunflower, eucalyptus...).

A reduction in available protein resources causes a decrease in spawning, leading to reduced larval and royal jelly production, and further population loss.

Ensuring the supply of nutrients is essential at times of high-energy demand, such as in the spring start.

When you want to stimulate spawning, and therefore the increase in the population of the colony, it is recommended to accompany it with a liquid syrup such as Fructobee Energy.

How is Daprobee different from other foods?

Daprobee is characterized by a smaller format (400g) than the competition (1kg), making the hive take better advantage of the product. Normally, protein cakes are discarded by the hive as soon as pollen collection begins, even if it is of poor quality. Once Daprobee is stored in the hive, its proteins, vitamins and amino acids will exert a beneficial action that, together with the pollen collected by the hive, will allow the bees to better absorb and metabolize nutrients.

According to laboratory studies, it has been shown that at the same environmental temperature levels, Daprobee holds its firmness better than other competitors.

The micronized proteins with which Daprobee is formulated make them easy for bees to absorb.

Daprobee is manufactured using glucose and fructose syrups from the corn food industry, free of starch, manufactured under high-quality controls. They are made using high pressure and low-temperature processes, which keep intact the beneficial properties of proteins and vitamins, carried out in stainless-steel food tanks.

How is Daprobee applied?

Depending on the number of bees and the time of year, the bag can be cut in half, applying 200g per hive, leaving the opening just above the brood box.

In autumn and winter, it is important to make the opening on the underside to facilitate access for bees and prevent the pasta from losing moisture.

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