ABEJAR swarm Attractant Lure (Spray) Swarm Attractant Lures

ABEJAR swarm Attractant Lure (Spray)


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It is an effective concentrate of natural essences that attract bees that look for a location for their swarm days before their departure from the mother colony, and it stimulates them to mark that location as preferable before the other bees. To impregnate approximately 15 hives.

How to use it: It is used spraying lightly from about 30 cm. distance the inner walls of the hive, the surface of the frames and the entrance of the hive that is used to catch swarms.

Its attractive effect will be added to the others suitable for this purpose: strategic location, in a swarming area, sunny, south-facing entrance, raised from the ground by 30 - 50 cm, and with some combs or old frame, preferably used, inside. The application can be repeated every 10 - 15 days to maintain a high attraction.

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