Apiinvert 12,5kg (5 bags x 2,5kg) Stimulation

Apiinvert 12,5kg (5 bags x 2,5kg)


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Discover APIINVERT, the perfectly balanced, ready-to-use syrup that's been designed to keep your bees nourished and healthy during stimulation periods, usually at the end of winter and onset of spring. Forget about the tedious homemade preparation of sugar and water, APIINVERT comes ready to serve your hive.

Format: The product comes in 2.5 kg bags, with each box containing 5 bags.

Composition of APIINVERT: Tailored Nutrition for Bees

APIINVERT is composed solely of sucrose and its natural constituents: fructose and glucose, meaning it only contains sugars that your bees are already familiar with and can easily digest. Its high fructose content prevents the syrup from crystallizing in the honeycombs, even at low temperatures, ensuring that your bees won't starve during the cold winter months.

APIINVERT syrup has a sugar concentration of 72.7%, guaranteeing prolonged storage without any microbiological alterations. One liter of APIINVERT equates in nutritional value to 1 kg of crystallized sugar, and 1 kg of APIINVERT corresponds to 0.73 kg of granulated sugar.

When and How to Use APIINVERT?

APIINVERT is the perfect choice for stimulation feeding at the end of winter. Simply make between 3 to 5 small holes of approximately 1 mm in diameter on the top of the 2.5 kg APIINVERT bag and place it on top of the hive frames for the bees to consume.

APIINVERT: A Sustainable European Product

Our sugar is sourced from locally grown and processed sugar beet within Europe, guaranteeing the sustainability and quality of APIINVERT's raw material. The ideal balance of sugars in our syrup is similar to that of flower honey, allowing your bees to optimally benefit from this food.

Ease of Use and High Resistance to Microbiological Degradation

APIINVERT is easy to use and has a high resistance to microbiological degradation thanks to its sugar concentration of 72.7%, ensuring prolonged storage time. Unlike other bee feeding syrups based on wheat or corn, APIINVERT only contains sugars that bees can fully assimilate.

A Manufacturing Process That Preserves the Product's Properties

The manufacturing process is highly automated and governed by constant quality controls, ensuring that APIINVERT meets all legal requirements. During production, the HMF content is always kept between 10 and 20 ppm, well below the recommended limit.

Don't wait any longer, optimally nourish your bees with APIINVERT, the perfectly balanced and easy-to-use bee food syrup. Give your hive the care it deserves with APIINVERT!


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