Moth control

Its presence is favoured in times of high temperatures in weak hives (due to varroa, disease, malnutrition or lack of queen) and in stored wax frames. It can destroy a colony when it is weak, so it requires the intervention of the beekeeper to prevent and control it. The freezing, the storage of rises and pictures outdoors, the combustion with sulfur and the bacillus thuringiensis will be our allies to fight the wax moth.

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Sulphur Strips 500g BEE HEALTH

Sulphur Strips 500g

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Cerapol 20 gr. BEE HEALTH

Cerapol 20 gr.

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B-401 Bacillus Moth control

B-401 Bacillus

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Beekeeping Sprayer Attachment Moth control

Beekeeping Sprayer Attachment

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