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Urban Beehive BEE-PASS® Dadant Beehives

Urban Beehive BEE-PASS®

Urban Beehive BEE-PASS® Price €949. 00
Kenya Top bar hive Special Hives

Kenya Top bar hive

Kenya Top bar hive Price €385. 00
Mini Kenya Top bar hive Special Hives

Mini Kenya Top bar hive

Mini Kenya Top bar hive Price €259. 50
Observation Langstroth beehive Langstroth Beehives

Observation Langstroth beehive

Dadant Observation beehive Dadant Beehives

Dadant Observation beehive

Dadant Observation beehive Regular price €115.00 Price €94. 00
  • Reduced price
Observation Layens beehive Layens Beehives

Observation Layens beehive

Observation Layens beehive Price €85. 00
Colmena Warré BEEHIVES

Colmena Warré

Colmena Warré Price €89. 00
Beehive Smart Bee Box Special Hives

Beehive Smart Bee Box

Beehive Smart Bee Box Price €375. 00

Discover our unique selection of special hives, designed to cater to your needs beyond traditional options like Langstroth, Layens, or Dadant. Explore alternative systems like Warré and Kenyan hives, offering innovative and sustainable approaches to beekeeping. Additionally, marvel at our glass-walled hives, perfect for educational purposes and observing the fascinating world of bees.

Our unconventional hive category provides a wide variety of choices to enrich your beekeeping experience and cater to your unique apiary requirements. Dare to explore and find the perfect hive for you!

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