Apipollen Bee pollen substitute (powder) Protein pollen subs

Apipollen Bee pollen substitute (powder)


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APIPOLLEN was specially created as a substitute for natural pollen, guaranteeing the qualitative development of bee colonies regardless of weather conditions. It is a complex product whose main advantage is that the ingredients are perfectly balanced and adapted to the needs of the bees.

Protects the intestinal flora and increases the assimilation of food;
It contains only perfectly balanced elements of easy digestion,
Residue free (NON-GMO);
Rapid increase in colony vigor due to the production of vitellogenin, which is extremely necessary for the larvae and the young;
Versatile. Possible to administer through different routes (powdered, in patties, etc.)

Contains: Plant-based protein based on soy flour and brewer's yeast (51% protein), vitamins: B1, B2, B6, B12, PP, C, A, D3, E; minerals: Ca, Mg, Fe, Cu, Zn, Mn, Co, P, vegetable fats, herbal essential oils, citric acid, antioxidants, probiotic bacteria.

How to use:

Dry form: Place the powdered product in a feeder. Dispense 700 grams of Apipollen per hive, ensuring that the product is protected from wind and humidity.

In Patties: Mix 200 grams of Apipollen with 800 grams of sugar, homogenize everything at a temperature of up to 40°C creating a paste consistency that will be applied later in a perforated bag or sheets of waxed parchment paper.

With Syrups: mix 100 grams/1kg of syrup (we recommend mixing it with IdealApi Optimal  or Fructobee 79) and, sugar, HFCS, will be used in the stimulation syrup that is administered in the feeder.

General observation: DO NOT leave it in the hive when there is NO brood.

More details:

Shelf life: 12 months. Storage conditions: 0°C to +30°C;


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