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The bee wax foundation machine is an essential tool for beekeepers who want to produce high-quality wax sheets efficiently and with precision. The RuBee® water-cooled model is made in Germany and offers an advanced solution for the production of bee wax sheets, with innovative features that ensure a superior final product.

Product description:

The RuBee® bee wax foundation machine features precise embossing surfaces made of silicone rubber, ensuring a flawless finish on each sheet. All metallic components are made of stainless steel, providing greater durability and wear resistance.

This machine allows you to obtain exact-sized wax sheets without the need for additional trimming. With a production capacity of up to 60 sheets per hour, this model is ideal for beekeepers looking to optimize their time and improve efficiency in the wax sheet manufacturing process.

The water-cooling system, both on the top and bottom, connects directly to the water hose, ensuring rapid and uniform cooling of the wax sheets. In addition, a connection for the water hose, a large ladle, a spatula, and a brush are included to facilitate handling and cleaning of the equipment.

Available in different sizes (to choose from):

Langstroth 42x20cm - 5.4mm cell
Dadant 42x27cm - 5.4mm cell
Dadant Blatt 41x26cm - 5.4mm cell

How wax foundation machine works:

Beeswax foundation machines are used to create wax foundation sheets with preformed hexagonal cells that serve as a base for bees to build honeycombs. These sheets make the bees' work easier and allow for better control and management of the frames in the hive.

It is a high-performance tool that offers precision and quality in the production of bee wax sheets for professional and amateur beekeepers.

It is water-cooled through an internal circuit, and it is necessary to have a faucet nearby to connect and create an open circuit.

The method of use simply consists of pouring the hot wax into the mold and waiting for the sheet to cool and solidify before removing it.

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