Gearbox motor for honey extractors Accessories for extractors
  • Gearbox motor for honey extractors Accessories for extractors
  • Gearbox motor for honey extractors Accessories for extractors
  • Gearbox motor for honey extractors Accessories for extractors

Gearbox motor for honey extractors


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It has a lever to regulate the speed. The direction of rotation is regulated with the lever to one side or the other (clockwise and counterclockwise).

The motor consists of an on/off button and a lever to regulate turning speeds to the right and to the left. It plugs into a 230v-50hz outlet.

Stopping the motor must always be done by moving the lever to the zero position (never turn the lever in the opposite direction to stop), then turn off the switch.

The coupling is direct from the motor shaft to the cage shaft, without pulleys or gears. And in addition, it is adaptable to most of the crossbars of the manual extractors of the Spanish beekeeping market.


Model 80W - For small honey extractors with two to three frames. Preferable for lighter frames like supers or Langstroth.

Model 110W - For medium honey extractors from three to six frames. For all types of frames such as Layens, Dadant, etc.


- Cap. For the coupling of the motor shaft to the extractor shaft, it is recommended to use a coupling bush to join the motor shaft to the extractor cage shaft by means of a pin. Where the motor shaft rubs against the motor-carrier bar, it is recommended to put a friction bushing.

- Anchor plate. To attach the motor to the top of the extractor, perpendicular to the central bar.

- Center bar. We must make sure that the bar that supports the manual transmission is strong enough to support the electric motor, if not, it is recommended to purchase a new, more resistant bar.

Note: All these parts mentioned are available on our website.


- The coupling of the motor shaft to the extractor shaft is made by means of a bushing, the motor is fastened to the bar by means of an anchor plate. Both bushing and anchor plate are not included and must be purchased separately (see Accessories section).

- The clearance of the extractor cage shaft with the motor coupling must be less than 0.6mm for proper operation.

- Two M8x30 minimum screws are required to join the plate to the bar. Not included.

- To join the motor to the plate, a minimum of four M6x20 or M6x25 screws are required. Not included.

- To check or correct the turning clearance, you must loosen the two M8 screws that hold the anchor plate to the extractor bar and center and retighten.

Note: Observe that between the lower part of the motor shaft and the upper part of the cage shaft there is a separation of between 0.5 and 1mm, if this is not the case, put two 8 diameter washers between the extractor bar and the anchor plate in order to raise the level motor and prevent the motor from working forced.

Upper bar for honey extractors Accessories for extractors

Upper bar for honey extractors

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