Provap vaporizer PV18 Battery Cleansers and Maintenance Accesories
  • Provap vaporizer PV18 Battery Cleansers and Maintenance Accesories
  • Provap vaporizer PV18 Battery Cleansers and Maintenance Accesories
  • Provap vaporizer PV18 Battery Cleansers and Maintenance Accesories

Provap vaporizer PV18 Battery


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Wireless. Thanks to this new model, you will no longer have to use generators or use inverters with batteries. It is powered by 18v lithium-ion batteries (compatible with most DIY brand batteries such as Makita, Milwaukee, DeWalt, etc.). Each battery charge allows treating up to 40 hives.

It incorporates the new SPEED Dispenser. Which is now an integral part of the vaporizer, replacing the old lids and avoiding having to turn the vaporizer upside down to get the product into the heating bowl. Measuring the dose is much simpler, since it is enough to submerge the dispenser in the product to fill the cartridge.

Much more reinforced. The bowl and stem of the vaporizer have been lined with stainless steel to prevent stem breakage and to support the vaporizer as it is inserted into the hive.

It's still the fastest. In as little as 20 or more seconds per hive. Once the PV18 warms up (about 1 minute), it's ready to go all over the yard.

Warranty. One of the most used vaporizers by beekeepers around the world. It has a certificate of conformity according to European standards. 2 years warranty.


- Connect the battery to the device and wait 1-2 minutes for the Provap to warm up.

- Place the sublimation device in front of the hive so that the exhaust pipe is facing the entrance.

- Load the dosing cartridge with the solution to sublimate and then introduce the dose in the Provap so that it begins to sublimate.

- The temperature will drop 10-15 degrees while the sublimation lasts. When the temperature begins to rise, it is a sign that the product has sublimated, and we can move on to the next hive.

- Once the work is finished, disconnect the battery.


The dispenser must be rinsed with plenty of water after treatment, as adhering oxalic acid can adhere. This operation must always be carried out with the battery disconnected.

When the device turns off and on and the temperature does not rise, it is a sign that the battery is exhausted, in that case it must be disconnected and replaced with a fully charged one.


It is strictly forbidden to use this appliance without protective equipment: Full body protective clothing, protective gloves, eye protection gas mask with a suitable filter.


In Spain, the use of oxalic acid or other materials, either through impregnated wipes, or via sublimation, as well as through the use of homemade strips, are considered illicit applications that are typified in the Penal Code, and may also be constitutive of administrative infraction.

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