Cappings Handling

The best selection of machinery for the cappings handling. Each of the three options has its advantages and disadvantages; spinner, melter or press.

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  • €129.00 - €19,995.00

The wax cappings, with honey adhering, are further handled in one of a number of menas. The small operator can place them into a solar wax melter, a frame with a black background and a glass top, where wax and honey separate and drain off into different containers, all activated by the rays of the sun. Other methods of separating the two with menas of a small metal container are also available. Again, heat is the activating medium melting the wax, separating the honey and wax, and draining the two into separate receptables. Larger brand melters or cappings separator, heated by steam and equipped with cooper coils, permit the injetion of cappings via hopper below the coils and a gradual warming process that drains the honey off before the heat darkens it and frees the wax to separate into another container.

The separator for the large operator is a centrifuge type spinner into which homogenized honey and cappings flow. The force spins the honey out and the wax in semi-dry form, falls free.

Ultimately these cappings are heated to separate the remaining honey and liquefy the wax or put into warming chambers where the remaining honey drips free, then the wax is melted and poured into blocks.

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Economy Wax Press Cappings Handling

Economy Wax Press

Economy Wax Press Price €129. 00
Wax Screw Press 50kg/h Paradise EXTRACTION AND BOTTLING

Wax Screw Press 50kg/h Paradise

Wax Screw Press 50kg/h Paradise Price €3, 280.00

Manual Wax Press SAF

Manual Wax Press SAF Price €229. 00
Wax press 200kg/h Paradise EXTRACTION AND BOTTLING

Wax press 200kg/h Paradise

Wax press 200kg/h Paradise Price €6, 795.00
Cappings spinner Cappings Handling

Cappings spinner

Cappings spinner Price €4, 450.00
Cappings Extruder 100Kg/h Paradise EXTRACTION AND BOTTLING

Cappings Extruder 100Kg/h Paradise

Capping melter Pro Bee Wax melters

Capping melter Pro

Capping melter Pro Price €5, 995.00
Continuous wax separator LEGA Bee Wax melters

Continuous wax separator LEGA

Continuous wax separator LEGA Regular price €7,400.00 Price €7, 300.00
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Cappings spinner THOMAS with variator Cappings Handling

Cappings spinner THOMAS with variator

Thomas Mini Centrifuge Ø240 Cappings Handling

Thomas Mini Centrifuge Ø240

Thomas Mini Centrifuge Ø240 Price €2, 999.00
Cappings Centrifuge SPINOMEL® Thomas Cappings Handling

Cappings Centrifuge SPINOMEL® Thomas

Wax Extruder 500kg/h Paradise EXTRACTION AND BOTTLING

Wax Extruder 500kg/h Paradise

Wax Extruder 500kg/h Paradise Price €8, 995.00
Spinfloat SZ 1000 Honey/Wax Centrifuge Cappings Handling

Spinfloat SZ 1000 Honey/Wax Centrifuge

Dana Api Melter Honey heaters

Dana Api Melter

Dana Api Melter Price €4, 191.44